Helitrans assists rocket testing

The aerospace industry would hardly exist if it weren’t for innovative souls with a great sense of physics. It has therefore been Helitrans’s great pleasure to support the student organization Propulse at NTNU. Over the past year, they have designed and developed their own rocket to participate in the world’s largest rocket competition for students. […]

Drones help extinguish forest fires

Helitrans has had a test project with drones this year, and the company’s DJI Matrice has already become an effective tool in fire extinguishing work. “The drone has become a good tool for us. It allows more people to get an overview and you can give messages faster. Instead of interrupting the extinguishing with the […]

How pilots work to smother flames from the air

John-Arne Hellesø makes his living by waterbombing forest fires. With 1250 litres hanging in a pile under the helicopter, the forest fire pilot is well prepared for what could be a busy summer.Read more

Pictures from our base in Tromsø

Tromsø Tromsø Helicopter Tromsø It is the polar night up north at the moment, but we fly with the light we have in Tromsø ☀️ ???? ????We work year-round to lift the entire Norway.Wishing all customers and followers a happy weekend.

Daniel Holden: How to fly sling and install snow barriers (Svalbard)

In this video, I show in more detail how we install the steel barriers from different angles, as well as tell what happens. Also fly to Prins Karls Forland, Skolten, Torfjell and a sling cargo to MS Polarsyssel where we pass Pyramiden, the abandoned Soviet mining community. Enjoy!

Daniel Holden: Installing snow protection in Svalbard

Daniel Holden is one of the pilots participating in the snow protection of Svalbard these days. In this video, he shows a bit of how they work to place the giant barriers on the hillside in collaboration with the ground crew.

“It’s not the size that’s most important

The world’s first VR helicopter simulator for the popular Airbus H125/AS350 helicopter type has arrived Norway. More specifically, CAE’s training and simulator center at Gardermoen. Here, Helitrans’s new VR simulator will stand side by side with the much larger simulators for passenger aircraft such as the Airbus A320, Boeing B737 and B737NG, among others. However, […]