The Social Assignment

Fire Fighting With Helicopters


Extinguishing with large quantities of water from a helicopter is a very effective means of extinguishing forest fires.

The pilot handles buckets (called “bambi bucket”) with around 1,200 liters of water, which must be released at the right time.

Firefighting from the air is demanding, but our pilots have experience from extinguishing work at home and abroad. Poor visibility, obstacles from high voltage, low oxygen and high heat generation affect the engine at the same time that the pilot must have a good overview. Our pilots have the necessary knowledge, experience and training, and assist when needed most.

HELITRANS has a contract with the Norwegian Directorate for Public Security and Preparedness (DSB) for the delivery of forest fire services by helicopter throughout Norway. And we are on standby all summer.

Helicopter Ready for Search and Rescue

HELITRANS has an agreement with the local rescue service for helicopter assistance if needed. These are challenging assignments that require specific configuration and coordination with the rescue service.

This could, for example, be the transport of resources, such as divers, into the field for search and rescue.

Using a helicopter for search and rescue means that help can be present much faster, and quick help saves lives.

HELITRANS also owns drones with thermal cameras and can, if necessary, participate in searches for missing persons using these.