An Experience of a Lifetime

Unforgettable Tours With Helicopters

Norway is an incredibly beautiful country. When you are lifted up and get to see your surroundings in a completely new perspective, you get a completely different overview. Things that cannot be seen from the ground become completely obvious. The landscape becomes a piece of art.

With HELITRANS you can experience the country on a sightseeing trip with our modern helicopters – either on fixed, defined routes, but also on tailor-made routes of your own choosing.

Tours - the Perfect Gift for the One Who Has Everything

A gift card for sightseeing can be the start of an experience of a lifetime. Nothing beats seeing familiar tracts from a completely new perspective. It gives emotions and becomes powerful impressions that stick.

HELITRANS offers gift vouchers from 30 min to 120 min for up to 5 passengers. The gift cards are delivered as a PDF file with a QR code and can be printed out and given as a gift to the recipient, who then orders a sightseeing trip with us in the usual way and pays with the gift card.

Visit our store to order online.


Tours and Sightseeing by Helicopter

The surroundings immediately look different when you get up in the air. You get a different perspective that is not only fun – but an experience for life. If you want to – you’re allowed.

HELITRANS has ready-planned trips all over the country or you can choose the route for the trip yourself. Here, a family or group of up to five people can join a helicopter ride together – and have an experience of a lifetime.

Sightseeing trips are made from all our bases, primarily at weekends, but please get in touch for more information regarding your nearest base.

Taxi Sightseeing by Helicopter

If the package tours are not the right thing, you can tailor your own sightseeing, and bring a couple of friends or three. Perhaps as part of an event or as a company trip.

And why not combine the trip to the cabin with sightseeing on the road. See the special area from the air. Like you’ve never seen it before.


Photo & Video From Helicopter

How about a photo shoot out of the ordinary? From a completely different perspective?

Whether it’s for a customer or you and your photo buddies who want to explore a new element, HELITRANS can help you put together a package that suits your needs and wishes.

Our pilots go through their own training and check-out program before they are authorized as pilots for photo flights. This is a guarantee for you as a customer in terms of image quality and safety during the assignment.

There is no longer a requirement for a license or prior permission for photography/filming from the air, or the use of other airborne sensor systems, as long as no information is obtained from or over the prohibited areas.

Extreme Port From Helicopter

If you do extreme sports, our pilots can lift you to new heights. Literally. Instead of traveling to the nearest airport, we can pick you up at the agreed place for skydiving. Far more efficient use of time.

Do You Have an Exciting Idea?

Do you have an idea for a very special experience for yourself or your loved ones? How about a wedding on a mountain top in winter? That’s what happens when you have HELITRANS on the team.

At HELITRANS, we like exciting things, as long as it can be done in a safe way.

Tell us what you think and maybe we can help you realize your dream experience.