Airbus H125 (AS350)

With our presence at Ljosland Fjellstove, we are centrally located in southern Norway and cover a large area.

Ljosland is a small village in Upper Telemark, and is known for its scenic surroundings and mountain areas. There are many hiking trails and outdoor activities such as rock climbing, fishing and hunting. Ljosland Fjellstove is located in the immediate vicinity of the beautiful Nisser lake, which is known for its crystal clear waters and rich fish population. Ljosland is also a popular destination for ski tourists, with several ski centers nearby. Ljosland has just under 600 holiday homes which are mainly owned by people from other parts of the country.

HELITRANS flies from here regularly on missions related to cabins and hunting/fishing.

From Ljosland we fly taxi, sightseeing, cargo, personnel, fire, etc

Helicopter types: Airbus H125 (AS350)


Nye Gruevegen 17, 4540 Åseral

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Ljosland is centrally located in southern Norway and from here we can offer helicopter services to the entire country. From here we not only cover the inland municipalities of Bykle, Valle, Bygland, Evje Almli, Åseral, Sirdal, Fvinnesdal, Hægebostad, but also the coastal municipalities of Risør, Tvedestrand, Lillesand, Søgne, Lindesnes and Farsund, to name a few. And not least the coastal towns of Tønsberg and Sandefjord in the northeast, via Arendal and Grimstad in the east, to Kristiansand, Mandal and Lyngdal in the south, while the west side with Egersund, Ålgård, Bryne and Sandnes is also covered via our bases at Sola and Voss .