Airbus H125 (AS350)

Alta Airport, also known as Alta Lufthavn, Harstad/Narvik, is one of four airports in Finnmark county in northern Norway. The airport opened in 1963 together with Kirkenes, Høybuktmoen and Lakselv Banak Airport. Alta Airport is the largest airport in Finnmark and is an important transport hub for the region.

Alta is the largest city in Finnmark and has a reputation for being the “Northern Lights City” due to the frequent occurrence of the natural phenomenon. Alta has a rich cultural life, with several museums and art galleries, as well as a large selection of restaurants and shops.

Our base at Alta Airport offers a range of services, including reindeer herding, taxi transport, sightseeing tours, transport of cargo, personnel and fire fighting. We also have a team of experienced pilots and crew stationed at the airport, ready to assist you with your helicopter transport needs.

Helicopter types: Airbus H125 (AS350)


Nordahl Griegsvei 12, 9515 Alta

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From our base at Alta Airport, we cover a large area in the north-eastern part of Norway, in collaboration with Tana. We offer services to a number of locations in the region, including, but not limited to: Kautokeino, Karasjok, Øksfjord, Sørøya, Magerøya and Kirkenes in the east.

We also cover areas such as Porsangerfjorden, Loppa, Måsøy, Hammerfest, Lebesby, Tana and many more.

Our fleet is also available to cover more remote areas that are difficult to reach by car or boat.