Tomorrow's Pilots

HELITRANS takes training seriously and as one of Norway’s largest operators we see a great need for pilots as the need for helicopter services grows.

Training tomorrow’s pilots is therefore a priority task for us, and we are now investing to provide both existing and future pilots with better training and education. Helitrans has purchased two VR-based helicopter simulators for our helicopter model, the popular Airbus H125.

The helicopter simulators will be the world’s first for this helicopter model. This will not only be great for the education of helicopter pilots in Norway, but will also be important for strengthening our pilots’ further education and safety.

The simulators will not only be available to our own students and pilots, but will be made available to the entire industry and provide opportunities for training on complicated situations that are difficult to train on during normal flying.

The first simulator is located at CAE Oslo ‘s training facility together with other flight simulators at Gardemoen. The other will be a mobile solution that can be hired by various companies that want to give their pilots training.

2 New Helicopter Simulators

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