Transport of Hunters on the Hardangervidda

Transport of Hunters on the Hardangervidda

Helitrans offers transport of hunters in connection with the reindeer hunt on Hardangervidda for 2022. We will be stationed at the car park at Fet Garen in Eidfjord/Vøringsfossen.

We are available afternoons/evenings and weekends, and during the day by appointment. We provide two large baskets and space for four hunters per trip. Remember to show your hunting license and possibly a landing permit in the areas that require this.

Safety and efficiency have the highest priority with us, so please consider the following:

  • Pack your equipment securely.
  • Avoid loose objects that could be a threat to the helicopter’s rotor.
  • Separate vital parts from your weapon and store them in a safe place.
  • Follow all instructions from our pilot and cargo man.
  • Do not go to and from the helicopter with the rotor running without a clear signal from our loader.
  • Bend down when going under the rotor.
  • Never approach the helicopter’s tail rotor, but make eye contact with the pilot and approach the helicopter diagonally from the front.
  • When unloading, the loader will empty the baskets quickly. They left the helicopter on a signal from the loader and dived down on the outside of the helicopter and secured luggage until the helicopter was at a good distance. If the loader asks for it, only one of the passengers can help with unloading equipment.
  • When picking up on the plateau, leave luggage ready to secure it during landing.
  • They will receive a safety review before take-off and landing, and a review of how they should behave at pick-up.

Contact us at Helitrans on our hunter phone 483 12 310 or send us an email at for order and price.

We hope it will fly with us in Helitrans.