Helitrans as Buys Helo and Reykjavík Helicopters

Helitrans as Buys Helo and Reykjavík Helicopters

The Norwegian company Helitrans AS has bought all the shares in Þyrlujøstønninn ehf., which owns Helo and Reykjavík Helicopters. The seller is Narro ehf., which is owned by Fjölvars Darra Rafnsonar, Rafns Alfreðssonar and Þorláks Runólfssonar. The purchase price is confidential.

Helitrans AS was founded in 1990 and is one of the largest helicopter companies in the Nordics. The company owns and operates 26 helicopters at 15 locations in Norway. They also have a flight and helicopter school in Sweden. The company’s head office is at Værnes Airport in Trondheim.

Ole Christian Melhus, managing director of Helitrans AS, says: “Helitrans has good knowledge of the Icelandic market after good cooperation in recent years with Icelandic companies that offer heliskiing and sightseeing flights. I also see great growth opportunities in the Icelandic helicopter market, as Iceland is a popular destination for tourists. Many have put Iceland on their “bucket list”, as the country offers fantastic nature. I am also excited to be able to offer Icelandic companies the opportunity of professional helicopter services, as our pilots have good experience in transporting heavy loads and laying electrical cables for the power industry in Norway.”

Fjölvars Darra Rafnsonar, chairman of the board of the Icelandic helicopter company, says: “Helitrans’ purchase of Þyrluceljønnni ehf. is a big step into the future of helicopter operations for our employees and customers in Iceland. Helitrans is planning big things in Iceland. The last few years have been exciting, but also challenging in operation, and I am grateful for our excellent employees and customers.”

Helitrans has 18 Leonardo AW09 helicopters on order, which will be deployed on the Norwegian and Icelandic markets in line with the company’s expansion plans.