Nrk: – the Cow Must Go Down!

As a helicopter pilot for Helitrans, Soubeyrat has a varied working day, and it is not the first time he has rescued animals from the mountains.

Trønderavisa: New Financial Manager Known for Mount Everest

Erlend Ness (58) is employed as the new finance manager at Helitrans AS and will take up the position in January 2022. In the last year, however, he has become best known as the first person to test positive for Covid-19 on Mount Everest, when he was on his second visit to climb the mountain […]

Finnmarksposten: Here Magerøya Becomes Landlocked

Infranord is now in the process of developing land-based fiber to Magerøya. On Tuesday, 12 kilometers of fiber cable were laid using a helicopter from Helitrans. Now the work starts with hanging up the fiber cable.

Fjuken: the Crew in Place at the Mountain Rescue Station

On Saturday there was an “opening” of the Easter preparedness at the Mountain Rescue Station in Lom. The helicopter with crew from Helitrans is in place. There is also a dog crew from Norske Redningshunder, and the avalanche group.